Qigong Meditation Class

Healing Force A Chinese passive energy meditation called the Small Universe Meditation is beneficial for health and healing. The Small Universe is the connecting of two vital energy paths in the body, which increases a person’s yin and yang energy. Learn how to use mental focus, visualization and intention to move energy in your body. This meditation restores the body’s energy and balances and promotes healing and relaxation on physical, spiritual and emotional levels.

Daily practice of this specialized form of meditation is believed to help lower blood pressure and reduce stress and tension by removing energy blockages in your body and energy fields surrounding your body. This is a sitting meditation (in a chair); please wear comfortable clothing.

The class is held once a week (one hour) for three consecutive weeks. Limit of 7 individuals per class.

At the last session, anyone who wishes to experience the energy of another person, can stay after class and work on each other.

Client Comment

"I lost my husband of 50 years and I became so anxious about the future. When I do the sitting meditation, it calms me down and keeps me focused on the present."

~Mary S.

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